Feldenkrais Method ® and Functional Integration ® Private Sessions

Work, Play, and Rest with Ease.

Functional Integration ® sessions are the highly personalized, hands-on, sensitive, intelligent, and effective aspect of the Feldenkrais Method ®. Feldenkrais ® session treatments use gentle manual techniques that communicate information to your brain and nervous system. Each session is a unique, highly customized, pleasurable experience, designed to address your particular needs and concerns.

Improve Your

  • Body’s comfort and function
  • Body’s neuromuscular and skeletal organization
  • Posture
  • Movement

Sessions are designed to

  • Engage your brain
  • Interrupt old habits of posture or movement
  • Develop awareness
  • Build new neural pathways
  • Highlight new options of posture, movement, and self-use
  • Reduce impact of chronic, degenerative, sudden onset conditions
  • Unearth fluidity, strength, and grace

People of all ages, conditions, and levels of fitness

Every person has their own physical history and habits of posture and movement, each Functional Integration ® session is sophisticated customized “sensory-motor” learning experience specifically designed for that individual. A client can simply rest as valuable neurological learning takes place in the brain and body.

Functional Integration® sessions often take place on a low, padded table. The client should wear loose comfortable clothing. A practitioner will move parts of the client’s body in a way that feels easy and secure. These techniques are not intended to develop the client’s muscle-strength, or to stretch or adjust. The movements in a Feldenkrais® session are information-rich and designed to communicate with the client’s nervous system in a beneficial way. Some improvements may be felt immediately, while others are felt later and in following days.

Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed
more comfortable in your body
more physically able


Your first visit is $175
Packages (including first visit):
4 visits for $600
6 visits for $750