Feldenkrais Method ® Awareness Through Movement ® Group Classes

The Feldenkrais Method ® classes involve easy gentle movements that help you recognize and understand your movement patterns. As you learn to increase your sensitivity and awareness, options for graceful, efficient, and spontaneous movement become available. You will develop skills to maintain comfort and improve self-image.

• Coordination
• Flexibility
• Ease of posture
• Breath

• Stress
• Strain
• Pain

Students are lead verbally through a sequence of movement components. You do the movement at your own pace in your own way. I do not demonstrate the “correct” way to move and you will not perform for others.

As you move I direct your attention to help you discover your habits that may inhibit your movement. By the end of the class you will integrate movement components into whole actions involving your whole self. Classes are done lying, sitting, standing, and walking. Please dress warmly and comfortably.

Looking for venues to teach Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement group classes.

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Many people experience an immediate change in their breathing and resting and find that moving becomes freer and more pleasurable.